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Affirmations & Ah-ha's

1. What you learn- after you know it all, is what really matters.

2. Great real estate people have succeeded before us-follow their model.

3. It’s easier to do $8 million with an assistant than it is to do $3 million without an assistant.

4. Money has no value until we part with it – it is only a tool.

5. You have to start “the last half of your life” now. Make it significant.

6. When you outgrow your mentor/role model, find a new one.

7. Life is nothing more than choices.

8. Get out of judgment and into curiosity.

9. You can not know it all, have it all, or do it all. You must make choices and set priorities.

10. You must act to make things happen: Only applied knowledge has value.

11. When you develop a passion for what you do, you will never “work” another day in your life.

12. The most successful people in life are successful modelers-what is your model?

13. Plan your day around your prospecting, not your prospecting around your day.

14. A goal without a plan is a wish.

15. No job is too small to subcontract.

16. The successful way to evaluate a plan is in short intervals.

17. Find relationships (mentors, consultants, etc.) who will give feedback without judgment.

18. Until your #1 priority is done, everything else is a distraction.

19. There is a link between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

20. Time is irreplaceable.

21. No matter what you say, where you put your time is what you are valuing.

22. Cash flow and wealth are not the same things.

23. The purpose of financial wealth is to finance your life’s mission.

24. Financial wealth is the outward manifestation of an inner focus.

25. You must begin by being rich and wealthy in your mind before you can become rich and wealthy in your life.

26. The key to happiness is not more money.

27. Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing(s).

28. You need people more than they need you. No one ever achieves their true maximum potential alone.

29. Think “repair” first –“replace” second – and “new” last.

30. The goal is to live on no more than 70% of your annual gross income and save/invest at least 30%.

31. If you do not take care of your body; where are you going to live?

32. Whose life are you living? How do you know?

33. Quantum Leap is a set of tools to help you build better balance in your life.

34. Consider; who are your Wealth Determiners?

35. Setting goals prevents a life of regret.

36. Always be looking for more talent in your life.

37. More money won’t change your life, it will expose you.

38. Consider the difference between limited thinking and unlimited thinking.

39. We move toward what we commit to.

40. The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to the level of their commitments.

41. It’s your commitment to your decisions and not your conditions that shape your destiny. There is no greater power than the power of making a committed decision.

42. There is no growth without some level of discomfort.

43. Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.

44. The intent is to eat for health first – and fun second.

45. Plan your play-time first – then work your organization time and pay time around play time.

46. The trick in reaching your goals in life is to discover who the good coaches are and obtain coaching from them.

47. Who must I help become wealthy so I can become wealthy (covenant relationship).

48. We are not just human beings – we are humans becoming-stay in a constant state of becoming.

49. The word “try” is a rationalization for not achieving results.

50. When you’re driving around lost in Charlottesville with a Charlotte map, trying harder or longer won’t help you succeed.

51. To be happy/successful your environment must support your mission/vision goals.

52. There is only one reality.

53. Jack of all trades isn’t as much fun as master of one.

54. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

55. The more specific you can be about your plan, the more likely it is to produce the desired result.

56. Your gift becomes/is your legacy.

57. Being in “the zone” makes us feel like a “10” or even a “15”.

58. Wealth does not always refer to money.

59. Things don’t just happen to you – you can make things happen for you.

60. Look at the rose in the vase, not the dust on the table.

61. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

62. We all fall down – the champions get up faster.

63. Until action is taken – plans are just theory.

64. Your life is autobiographical – you write your own story.

65. The level of your life is directed by the level of your thinking.

66. Recognize who you are – go with it.

67. Always say, “I will…” not “I want to…”.

68. The basics are the basics.

69. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

70. You will be known by your deeds (not words).

71. The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well.

72. If I don’t change my mindset, my life will be the same forever.

73.The goal of education is action.

74. The difference between a white belt and a black belt is mastery of the basics.

75. Your success is 10% due to goal setting, 10% to planning and 80% due to accountability.

76. I don’t have to “master” everything.

77. Every breakthrough of a “ceiling of achievement” leads to a new “ceiling of achievement” to breakthrough.

78. Life is a journey, not a destination.

79. Act like a “10” and you’ll be a “10”.

80. Self-discipline is simply the ability to be appropriate in the moments of your life.

81. I am in control of my life.

82. Life is not static – it is continuous and fluid and needs the support of everyone in your pool of relationships.

83. Think good thoughts and good things will happen.

84. Don’t finance your personal lifestyle.

85. Don’t give your best energy to your least stuff (80/20).

86. 20% of your activities should lead to 80% of your results.

87. Self-mastery and personal growth are almost impossible if you are on the VICTIM side of the equation.

88. It is possible to be satisfied with your existing ceiling of achievement in any given area.

89. If it matters enough, you’ll do anything to break through your existing ceiling of achievement.

90. For every excuse you have for not achieving your goals, someone else has done it under far more difficult circumstances.

91. A “group” is less effective than an individual, but can achieve maximum effectiveness by becoming a “team.”

92. Build a life with great purpose – are you making a life or just making a living?

93. Quantum Leap is about living life to the fullest – to the max.

94. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

95. Don’t “should” all over yourself.

96. People will value your time in direct proportion to how you value your time.

97. You can read for knowledge or for pleasure.

98. Going from “E” to “P” applies to all areas of life.

99. The same fire that burns a victim makes a hero out of an accountable person.

100. You can fail many times, but you never have to be a failure.

101. Visualize having a morning menu everyday with only two entrees: a great day or a

lousy day.

102. Sometimes you have to give up something good to get something great.

103. Put the person together and the world will fall into place.

104. To be a team leader, you must be a team builder.

105. Don’t live life on autopilot.

106. Consider the difference between disabling questions and empowering questions.

107. If you are a product of your environment, make sure your environment is what you

want it to be.

108. No one owes you anything.

109. Victims find fault – accountable people seek solutions.

110. You cannot build wealth on earned income alone.

111. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

112. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

113. Life is about how you deal with the stuff.

114. Don’t wait for ideal circumstances.

115. Don’t confuse the plan with the mission.

116. Diagnose before you prescribe.

117. Make one (1) person happy/day on purpose.

118. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons

119. The lessons will be repeated until learned.

120. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

121. Deal from your strengths.

122. A system is an artificial skill.

123. What gets measured gets done.

124. “Good” is the enemy of “Great!”

125. Practice makes permanent.

126. An excuse will last a lifetime. An achievement will last a day.

127. Just “do it” and then “do it better!!”

128. If it is to be, it’s up to me!!

129. Whoever gave you permission to quit “the basics?”

130. Whatever we take for granted, we’re likely to lose.

131. What you do speaks so loudly that I don’t hear anything you say.

132. Discover your “unique ability” and master it.

133. Goals are the easy part and, by themselves, pretty much worthless.

134. Results are outside your control – but your actions are within your control.

135. Allow your mission statement to be the “filter” for all your decisions.

136. Positive thinking alone is not enough. Positive living is the test.

137. Anything to an extreme will turn a positive into a negative.

138. You don’t need to personally know your role model/mentor.

139. If you never take a day “off” you’ll never have a day “on!”

140. The “Legacy Letter(s)” need to be written now.

141. The 4-1-1 has value.

142. The natural order of things is “inside” then “outside.”

143. Where did you get your roadmap for building your life?

144. Balance is an illusion. What looks like balance is really microscopic counter-


145. Who you work for can be far more important than how much you get paid.

146. You can’t love something that can’t love you back.

147. Essentially, you need to go out into the world and fail a lot so you’ll grow a lot.

148. Are you a physical being having a minor spiritual experience – or are you a

spiritual being having a minor physical experience?

149. Often, we do things “in spite of ourselves.”

150. Be careful about trying to “save” a professional victim.

151. Once myths are dispelled and truths are revealed, you can move forward with

more confidence.

152. When you want something, the first thing you ask is “who already has that?”

153. Be happy with what you have while pursuing what you want.

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